Whether you already know MARIA RIVOLTA or not, I would like to tell you a bit about the path that has led us here...

The Beginning

I started designing accessories and fashion jewelry more than 25 years ago. At the time, I did it as a hobby, with passion, curiosity, exploration, dedication, learning and deep pleasure. My father was a metal worker, and I, as a child, spent a lot of time in his workshop, playing among nuts and bolts, metal sheets, pipes, and pieces in every imaginable form. And in that world I learned that all the materials we can find may have different meanings according to how we use them. He was passionate about machines, I loved to transform metal pieces into nice stuff, and then -- Well!

I made some designs for myself, and then, since it was fun, I made some more. I thought I would offer them at a girlfriends' meeting, and I was surprised to see how fast I sold all of the items. Afterwards, I was encouraged to offer the products to some fashion businesses of the time, and the next thing I knew I was setting up my own wholesale distribution company. That was in 1989, and I had no idea about what was about to come. In 1995, we opened our first physical retail store, and people already started recognizing us.

The Family Business

As usual in life, enthusiasm is contagious, and this project, which started as something personal, gradually received more and more support from the people around me and became what it is today --a Family Business, with three generations aboard MARIA RIVOLTA's train, as well as other 'accomplices' who dared to live this adventure of having a fashion business in Argentina with a view to the world.

MARIA RIVOLTA's collections are fully produced in Argentina. Each piece is crafted by its designer, who experiments with and discovers each of her proposals through her artistic and creative work.

Here is where all the designer's artistic potential unfolds. Inspired by great artists such as Mondrian, Kandinsky and Rothko, she toys with hues and pure materials, composing shapes made out of unusual symmetries.

Sheer silver and golden colors combine in multiple shapes, sizes and textures to take advantage of every possibility offered by the metal.

A soft material with its own textures, which, combined with metal, creates a dynamic game among golden, silver and solid colors.

Collections in which we intertwine golden and silver-colored metals with a wide range of colors --sometimes with an additional touch of glass and metalized stones.

Design and Identity

From the beginning, my name and designs had their own identity. I think that this is due, in part, to the fact that all we do in life takes on our values, our vision of how things should be, and that makes us who we are.

Today, looking back, I see that everything I have done has always had 4 fundamental values: symmetry, simplicity, composition and continuity. The symmetric shapes contribute their share of harmony from the little space they occupy, and help to create a balanced composition, preserving the look balance. Accessories are additional details accompanying the attire, and, therefore, I think they should be simple, like an accent on our image. Besides, when designing, I never think of the pieces as unique and isolated, but as a part of a family, as the continuation of a story.

What We Feel

We feel the support of our history, which strengthens us at the present time and drives our growth day by day. We have very strong ties with the work team as well as with our employees, franchisees, and suppliers, who are always teaching us how to be better. And you, our customers, are on the other side of the curtain, always sending us your love and your recognition for our work.

This story started being written 25 years ago, and although I still am the same person who as a child would play to create fashion objects, today MARIA RIVOLTA is much more than that --it is all of us making it possible, and we are deeply excited to look back on the path that has led us here.