How to Buy

This page contains all the instructions you need to follow in order to buy in our store.


  1. Click on the product you wish to buy.
  2. Click on the "Add to Cart" button. This will add the product to your shopping cart and take you to it.
  3. You may either continue shopping or click on "Start Purchase".
  4. Complete your contact details and then click "Continue".
  5. Enter the address the product must be delivered to. Then click "Continue".
  6. Select your payment method.
    • After selecting your payment method, click "Continue".
  7. Finally, review all the purchase information on the Purchase Confirmation page. Then click "Continue".
  8. You will be re-directed to a new screen, where you will be able to complete the details for your selected payment method. Once you have confirmed your purchase, you will receive an email from us. Please note that such email is not a payment receipt.
  9. Once your payment has been credited, we will ship the items you have purchased.